Must-Have Stuff for Guys to Look Professional and Fresh

Gone were the days of white-collar people, and professional men are smarter than ever. Successful men are always noticeable and what they choose to wear will reflect their self-esteem, diligence, and accomplishments. Whether they are big-shots or not, modern men are pretty hungry for their professional goals, and there are not a lot of things that can stand in their way of achieving them.

These guys are memorable and presentable, and with little to no help from their wardrobe, upscale, and stylish. From head to foot, their appearance can reveal their determination and position. What men wear does not define who they are, people usually say this, but no one can deny that the road to success will start with a quality, sleek two-piece suit and is usually finished with a cool watch.

That is why being a well-groomed gentleman is very important when it comes to closing business deals, conciliating new partners or clients, and acing job interviews. Not only that, it is fun and easy, as well as it does not always have to be very costly. Here are what gentlemen need to look fresh, professional, and modern.

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A dark two-piece Suit

Let us start with the most common item – a conventional two-piece suit in a darker tone. It is a necessity in every working guy’s closet. Whether it is black, dark gray, or navy blue, matt or shiny, suits are the foundation of a professional look. Since dark-toned suits can be paired with almost everything, guys need to establish them as their go-to items in their arsenal.

However, just because darker suits are a safe choice, that does not mean they cannot play with them when they feel bolder. For a pop of color, complement the two-piece suit with vibrant patterned or pocket square ties. And if they are not afraid of making a strong fashion statement, wear it with a cool and hip turtleneck.

Dress sharply with Calvin Klein, Armani, or Nordstrom, but be prepared for their expensive price tags. Low-cost suits that still looks like a million dollars can be found with Banana Republic, DKNY, J. Crew, or Topman. On-sale items can even cost $100 or less.

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A Light Two-Piece Suit

For a guy that finds happiness in being dandy and daring, light attire is absolutely very important. It can show attitude and can bring variety to the wardrobe. Pale blue, chino, or dove-gray variant is excellent for sunny days, and people will certainly stand out wearing one. A conventional business pinstriped two-piece attire can also be freshened up using brighter colors like white or tan.

Since this attire is the heart and soul of a man’s outfit, make sure to complete it with nothing more than a black or gray tie and a white shirt. If they choose to go with a chine variety, their shirt choice should be darker or gingham. Men can find a perfectly tailored attire at around $1,000 from popular brands or buy equally stylish and inexpensive ones for around $200 and below.

Button-down plain white shirt

Like two-piece outfits, a crisp and button-down white shirt is a must-have for every classy gentleman. Aside from being word-perfect with any kind of two-piece business outfit, a plain white shirt can contribute to a man’s casual look. They can wear them with a conventional pair of jeans, with a highlight belt. For a statement look, they need to consider a bow tie or suspenders.

Not only that, plain white shirts are elegant and trim when partnered with V-neck sweaters. In addition to being practical and amazing, these shirts are incredibly easy to purchase. Popular brands like Guess, Gap, or the Banana Republic offers shirts that cost around $40. It is just the right amount for a good and quality bargain. You can also check stores like the Kotula family for a convenient way of shopping.

Dark jeans

Wearing your favorite pair of jeans is one of the best parts of every man’s casual Friday. Guys can always complement these jeans with a dress shoe, but they can also be relaxed all the way through using laced-up leather boots. The choices of shirts that can go perfectly well with these jeans are unlimited and can be tucked in and finished with a leather belt. Guys can also let it hang loosely for a more relaxed look. Whether men will round it up with a sweater or a blazer, a pop or pattern of color, a pair of jeans can’t go wrong.