Celebrity Sunglasses Spotter – Jessica Alba & The Kardashians

Your favourite Hollywood sweetheart, Jessica Alba, is definitely enjoying her role as a mum. But even with her busy life as a mummy, wife, actress, and entrepreneur, the Fantastic Four star manages to look stunning even during her ordinary days.

Recently, she was spotted in Santa Monica parking her car and rushing to an appointment that seemed like an important business meeting. The actress looked posh and glam with her black ensemble. She was wearing a black trench coat matched with black skinny jeans and boots. Her splash of colour was a neon pink string bag. She topped her outfit with a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Jessica’s been photographed several times in her Ray-Ban sunnies and she always manages to pull it off despite what she’s wearing.

The Kardashians – why can’t we get enough of them? More than just their petty family issues, which usually come out as funny to viewers – people just can’t help but lust over their fashion style. Everyone’s talking about Burberry or their Prada sunglasses.

But aside from the sisters, it looks like there’s someone who’s ready to steal the scene all to himself – Mason! Mason is the son of Kourtney Kardashian with long time boyfriend, Scott. The little boy looked really cute and adorable as he towed with her mum at Sears. Mason was oblivious with the surrounding’s “awes” and “ahhs”. He was well-dressed with a plaid polo, denim shorts, and red Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

The red sunglasses turned the little boy into a walking icon. Now, we know what he’d become in the next 15 years – another TV star!