Permanent Tattooed Eyeliner Makes Your Eyes Look Beautiful 24/7

Are you a working lady and hate applying eyeliner daily? Are you thinking to get permanent makeup for your eyes to make them look attractive? Have your favorite celebrities with tattooed eyeliner inspired you to go through the same procedure? Regardless of your reasons to get a permanent makeup procedure, make sure you know about the tattooed eyeliner, how long does it take, and what you can expect out of it.

Many people often consider permanent makeup as a tattoo because the process is almost similar to a regular art tattoo applied to the body. Experts, on the other hand, say that it just deposits the pigment into the first layers of your skin. The procedure involves the same risks that come along with a regular body tattoo. Also, this process is not suitable for individuals with diabetes or other serious diseases, affecting your immune system.

Remember, permanent eyeliner lasts up till one year, and therefore is not permanent. it is just the term that the cosmetic surgery industry uses. The reason why professionals call it permanent is that it allows the pigment to remain there forever but the endurance of the color and visibility will slowly get fade.

When it comes to permanent tattooed eyeliner, you will need to remove your lash extension at least a week before the procedure. Or else, the glue may be left on the lash line and could interfere with the ink. Similarly, if you wear contact lenses, make sure you take them off before the procedure begins. You might feel slight tenderness or swelling following the tattoo application.

Permanent tattooed eyeliner comes in two styles – a tight line that adds the pigment between your eyelashes layer, darkening the lash line. It is thinner than an eyeliner application and looks natural. The other style is a step above the tight line and involves applying the pigment above the lash line and drawing it like liquid eyeliner.