Stair Cleaning Services for Your Staircase Cleaning & Maintenance

Your stairwell can catch lots of dirt and debris over time. Cleaning stairs is challenging for many reasons, one of which is the dirtiest areas of the stairs that become extremely tough to clean. Vertical stair designs with curve steps make stair cleaning more time-consuming. In this quick guide, you will learn how you can take care of different materials when looking for ways to clean your stairwell.

Carpeted Stairs

Carpeted stairwells are hard to clean. You will need to vacuum the stairs every few days to keep them clean and neat. Cleaning carpet stairs include brushing pet furs off and washing your staircase deeply with the help of a carpet washer.  Choosing reputable stair cleaning services can be handy to carry out this job flawlessly because they have years of experience of cleaning of all kind of stairwells.

Wooden Steps

You can sweep or vacuum your staircase, but cleaning too messy wooden steps are hard to handle. Get some warm water and add dishwashing liquid mixture to dampen the mop and then wipe the steps. Buffing the steps with a cloth is a way to keep the stairwell shined. Wood wax treatment also helps keep your wooden stairs look much better.

Steel Handrails & Balustrades

Having a steel or iron staircase is a blessing because of their easy cleaning feature. Since these two materials are durable, you can use any cleaning product on them. It means these chemicals will not affect the handrails’ materials and can remove sticky and stubborn messes with one scrub.

Painted Railings

Homeowners having painted stair handrails often need to freshen up the paint every often. If you have painted balustrades, wipe your painted surface down properly to eliminate oil. It will make your stairs ready to get a fresh paint coat and clean painted surfaces.