The Advantages of Obtaining the Services of a Professional Quantity Surveyor

In the world of construction, the expert services rendered by quantity surveyors, are perceived as an optional or luxury expenditure. The common misconception is that quantity surveying is only useful when dealing with large-scale developments for commercial builds.

The truth is, quantity surveying delivers the same substantial benefits for small-scale commercial developments and private home builds, too. It is therefore of great benefit for homeowners and small-time developers to obtain the expert services of a quantity surveyor to facilitate continuous evaluation and assessment of any given construction project.

This article enumerates the different services performed by quantity surveyors, and how these services are instrumental in the success of a construction project.

Quantity surveyor services

A quantity surveyor offers a broad spectrum of services. All the services provided by quantity surveyors are important aspects that require attention for both small and large-scale builds.

Quantity surveyor services in great demand include cost estimation, cost advice/consultation, documentation and drawing of contracts, contract management and administration, and final account stage, just to name a few.

These professional services are needed at different timelines of a development project hence it is recommended to employ the expertise of a reliable quantity surveyor at the planning stage of a construction project.

Provides top-notch assistance in every stage of construction

A quantity surveyor is needed during planning as they render sound recommendations and assistance when evaluating designs for a project. They are also responsible for calculating the functionality of designs and proposed tenders. Lastly, a quantity surveyor also takes over the management of documentation based on prevailing statutory and professional requirements.

Delivers cost estimation report

Cost estimation is the top motivation of clients when employing the assistance of quantity surveyors. It is the most critical issue that clients wish to address for any given construction build.

In a cost estimation report, a quantity surveyor will advise on the estimates for preliminary costs. Once the project commences, a cost estimation from an expert quantity surveyor will provide an idea about the running costs of a construction project. The data will then be used by a decision-maker in assessing the financial viability of completing the project.

Formulate cost analysis and cost planning

After provisional sketches are completed, a quantity surveyor will then prepare interim estimates for clients. Cost planning takes into consideration all aspects and elements of a project due to the aesthetic and performance values they deliver. It is an integral process that involves the evaluation and comparison of costs of elements and aspects at different stages of the building project.

Decision-makers use the information from cost planning reports to determine whether the value of elements involved in construction is reasonable, or whether they need to find alternative solutions or options to achieve practicality.

With all these services and activities mentioned above, it becomes apparent that quantity surveyors have extensive involvement in the construction process from beginning to end. They offer a great deal of assistance and that helps clients in making wise decisions to ensure project success with minimal delays and within b