10 Benefits Of Rudraksha Pendant

The garlands or the rosary of Rudraksha are often seen on the necks and wrists of great gurus you meet in religious center and those praying yogi babas you come across near your temple on the street. While fancying a nicely arranged mala   of 108 bead is the best thing to do for the benefits it presents, it is not awkward and impractical for current day life where one needs to meet people of various walks at office and work. The huge mala  s which is often used for prayer and wearing go great with the traditional attire and fancying one for fashion or expressing  devotion to god makes one amazingly radiant. However for current day situations putting on Rudraksha mala  is much practical because it looks pleasenlty aesthetic while bringing one ever closer to mighty gods and goddess they symbolize. There are even more benefits of weaing a Rudraksha mala  and they are described in the pargaraphs below.

  1. Keeps you safe – The lord Shiva is deemed as protector and his Bhairav avatar is often bestowed in temple and traditional homes and old towns for sake of protection from negativity or harm which can occur. Putting on the Rudraksha mala of any mukhi can prevent a person from physical harm or negative auras which are potentially dangerous.
  2. Best for travelling individuals – The Rudraksha mala is best for travelling people because it prevents one from germs and other contamination through its pranic capabilities. The prana or life breathe exist in everything and its influence can cause various reaction in traveler. Thus, a person should wear Rudraksha to prevent from being overwhelmed by objects and environment with negative prana.
  3. Relives blood pressure – The researches have shown that mystical seeds of the Rudraksha have some form of magnetic influence. These influences from magnetic radiation occurring in these bead can help people stay stress, free calm and feel the soothing in their blood pressures.
  4. Balance the left and the right – The balance of the left and right here means balance of Ida and Pingala Nadi present in every human beings. The human body has both male and female sides to it as it’s often depicted by the Ardhanarishvara form of lord Shiva and other deities. The Rudraksha mala of extremely rare Garushankar Rudraksha of two conjoined naturally occluding rudraksha helps in this.
  5. A shield – While problems which arise to oneself are prevented naturally through the use of Rudraksha. The negative energy which is possibly directed not at you and can cause problems to you is also blocked by Rudraksha standing as shield for yourself. The negative rays are like any other ray and they can be transmitted to wrong person too. Decrease such effects with the use of mala with Rudraksha.
  6. Beneficial for Concentration – The Vedic era sages and saints from other ages have been utilizing the Rudraksha for concentrating in meditation and for memorizing the scriptures by heart. When tied with a cooper rope and put on the neck as mala or wrist as bracelet, Rudraksha can help improve concentration and boost memory in the user.
  7. Energized Rudraksha bring positivity – The ritually energized rudraksha accumulate the good and positive prana through pujas, wearing such enegrised prendents can create great benefits to the user of the mala . Thus, collect some great positive prana in your next mala by bringing it to the pujari or pandit in the nearby temple.
  8. Helps calm the planets – The non-ruling planets and their placement in ones lives can result in various unwanted problems and omen. Thus, such effects of the planets should be calmed and brought under control through pujas or putting on the Rudraksha of such planets. The mala prevents you from omen caused by them.
  9. Keeps main ruling planet stable – The problems for ruling planet are more troublesome than problems from non-ruling planets. Putting on the right Rudraksha mala can help the ruling planet remain calm and instead spread benefit for good in your life.
  10. Gets the skin bright – This benefit from wearing Rudraksha mala again stems from Prana bayu. The oxygen highly important for prana bayu is what keeps the skin radiant anad glowing. Through use of mala one can get high amount oxygen sparking a glow and making the person appear bright.