Christmas is Coming – How much do we know about Santa?

Ho Ho Ho! It is a very busy time of the year for me! In the last few months the elves and I have been working around the clock to make sure that we are all ready for Christmas, making sure that every child has a gift ready for Christmas morning is no easy job! It gets busier every year – I am sure it was easier years ago! There are many questions that people ask me. Here are some answers to the questions I have been asked over the years…

How do me and the reindeer fly? – There are many theories about this, but the answer is that my reindeer come from a long line of naturally magical reindeer. Unlike the normal reindeer that you see, my reindeer also eat a special diet that includes magic dust. This is a special dust that is unique to the North Pole region, and it gives my reindeer the ability to fly!

How do I get around the whole world in one night? – This is a common question that has baffled children and physicists alike! Well to you, I appear to travel at around 650 miles per second – much faster than anything made by humans. But I am able to change the laws of space time (that is a confidential secret) and can easily visit all of the homes of children in one night and enjoy the treats that are left out for me and the reindeer!

How do I celebrate Christmas? – Well, I get a lot of enjoyment from delivering gifts to all of the children of the world! When I get home in the early hours of Christmas day, I have a nice long nap and make sure that the reindeer have plenty of food and water to keep them going. Later in the day, we all enjoy a Christmas feast prepared my Mrs Claus – roast turkey and all the trimmings of course! Then we all share gifts with each other. Mrs Claus usually gets me something nice – a bottle of whiskey always goes down well, as do Farah shirts from EJ Menswear, and of course some Christmas socks!

Why has nobody ever been to my workshop in the North Pole – Well part of my magic is in the belief of all of the children around the world. The children who believe in me know that they do not need to see my workshop to believe in it!