Is Belgium Boring?

Belgium has an unfortunate reputation for being a little on the dull side. But is this reputation entirely deserved? It’s always important to form your own opinions on such things, so before you decide to write it off as a place to visit, go and make your own mind up. Here are some top reasons for going to see all that Belgium does indeed have to offer:

Beautiful Architecture

Belgium boasts an incredible history with some of the most picturesque towns and stunning architecture found anywhere. Whether it’s Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges, you’ll find quaint charm and picture postcard views, cobbled streets and towns on lakes. Some of the architecture here is the finest in Europe, especially the town squares that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

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Waffles and Frites

Belgian waffles are manna from heaven and if you haven’t experienced one, you haven’t lived. They are popular across the world, not just in Belgium but eating them in their country of origin is much more special. Belgium has a wide range of great food options, so don’t just stick to the waffles. The frites are to die for. The Belgian comfort food, like fries, are deep fried joy and you won’t find better tasting fries anywhere on earth. Don’t skimp on the mayo or ketchup either!

Grand Prix

For those who love Formula 1 racing, a trip to Belgium should include the Belgian Grand Prix. Why not do it in style with a track day experience in the Belgium F1 Paddock Club?

People Watching

Some of its reputation for being boring could come from the fact that the pace of life is slower in Belgium. If you’re looking for a break where you can relax, watch life passing you by and indulge in a bit of people watching, then Belgium is the ideal place. Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam, Belgium is the perfect place to spend some down time, just avoid Brussels.


Belgium is well-known for its beer, which is a bit of an institution in the country. If you’re looking for something good to drink in the bars and restaurants, you could make a career out of it in Belgium.

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Christmas Markets

While you can find Christmas Markets in virtually any town or city across Europe these days, nowhere does them quite like Belgium. Some of the best, most charming markets are found in small towns in Belgium where a warm welcome awaits, enticing you to eat, drink and be merry.

Easy to Access

It’s a small country with fantastic connections to everywhere in Europe, as well as excellent train links internally with trains only taking an hour from the capital to other Belgian cities and towns. It’s close to other major European cities like Amsterdam and Paris, making it the perfect base for a European tour.