View of the Bible Via the Guide of Ezekiel

That is one part of the bible that non secular individuals are inclined to ignore. Whereas most can’t perceive it others see it as too condemning of their beliefs. Additionally it is one of the crucial contradictory and controversial sections within the general image of spirituality. It was, nevertheless, one of many works the Spirit of the Universe had me learn so as to full the job of eradicating the wall of confusion.Many visions given to me had been answered on this work. In a single there was meals cooked to perfection when it was dumped into a rest room of human excreta. As the combo cooked collectively the hand returned and dished it out onto the plates of the hungry mob. It took some time to grasp it however then the ebook of Ezekiel opened and these phrases had been proven to me:”And they meat which thou shall eat shall be by weight… and thou shall eat it as barley cakes… and bake it with dung that comes out of man in their sight” Ezekiel 4:10-12No preacher can state what these phrases imply as a result of the meat is the bible from which he preaches. It was cooked up in full view and the proof of how and why it was performed is a part of historical past and available.”Even thus shall the Children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the gentiles whither I will lead them, said God” ibid 4:13To know to whom this refers one should go to Isaiah 5:4,6 to find they’re the religious youngsters who’ve grown in God’s winery after the seed was sown within the soil of humanity. My reincarnation proves that we now have all returned six occasions (Job 5:1-21) and every time the youngsters of Israel have been examined. The backyard is stuffed with rocks, weeds, manure, and different issues to assist the crops to develop to perfection.With a robust hyperlink to the Spirit it has requested of me to take away the wall of blindness that’s the results of the air pollution by males. That is principally within the bible the place those that influenced it had been capable of insert their very own passages and alter prophecies to go well with their goals.”And one built up a wall and others daubed it with untempered morter” Ezekiel 13:10The wall was constructed out of the Islamic faith of Babylon. It stylised the sun-star into a girl whom they named ‘Mary’ and males determined they might ‘marry Mary’ by dying on the cross at daybreak.Within the final days the wall is set to be eliminated, however not with out main battle.”So will I break down the wall… and bring it down to the ground, so that the foundation thereof shall be discovered, and it shall fall, and ye shall be consumed in the midst thereof: and ye shall know that I am God” ibid 13:14The aim of the plan is to indicate the id of the actual God on the finish of the day of the lord. This was outlined in one other imaginative and prescient that confirmed it’s 4,000 years lengthy. The intense darkness over the earth was intentional in order that no energy can be felt for some 2,000 years since Constantine began Christianity, primarily based on the Islamic Roman Faith. He’s 666 in Revelation 13:12-18.Jerome who got here after ‘cooked the ebook’ because it had been when he compiled and wrote the New Testomony, which is a fictional phrase to advertise Jesus Christ, whom the emperor invented. He provided the untempered morter within the type of concern generated by the heaven and hell situation.Neither of those locations exist, nevertheless, as a result of we now have all reincarnated and now we’re on the finish of the day. Their additions to the bible and non secular confusion occurred virtually 2,000 years in the past and from that point nobody has identified the id of God. Now the Spirit is pouring out over those that are separating from the lies and turning in direction of the reality that they so desperately search.Whereas the bible is so polluted and the confusion reigns due to it the Guide of Ezekiel helps to tear down the wall and present some gentle into the darkness. In a imaginative and prescient it was proven how that gentle will improve in energy and push the black out into area and the earth will as soon as extra shine brightly.